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Season 5 - Full Episodes

Built to Last®, which was nominated in 2017 for an Emmy for "Outstanding Achievement for Magazine Programming" by the Midwest Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, returns for its fifth season on May 6, 2018!


Starting with the name itself “built to last” means enduring quality, and season five will spotlight how skilled labor sets the benchmark for performance training, safety best practices and industry-best productivity, making it the smart choice of professional contractors. Season five will captivate audiences as it moves across arresting projects and fascinating individuals that collectively exemplify the real-world contributions that organized labor makes toward our communities. The show will also strive to showcase public and private economic developments and partnerships, and a dedication to the building industry.


 “The ABC Television brand is the most familiar to America,” stated Business Development Executive of ABC Television Michael Terenzio.  “And it reaches the kind of audience that appreciates the benefits of skilled labor, as well as potential new members seeking a better life.”


“The Carpenters’ Labor and Management Committee has proudly invested in Built to Last® as it invests in the communities where we live, work and play. This show is a success because of the people involved, their dedication to the carpentry trade and proficiency in a wealth of crafts, the seamless collaboration between union labor and professional contractors, and enticing stories with fascinating people that elicit emotions ranging from compassion and inspiration to intrigue and exultation.”


Gary Perinar

Executive Secretary–Treasurer

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters


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