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What is Green Construction?

"The Green Home"- Homesite Review

What are ICF's

Foundation - What is Fly Ash?

Insulation for the Green Home

Radiant Heating

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Efficiency of the Carpenter

Roof Sheathing and Safety

Truss Assembly and Installation

Project Infinite Green Students

Building Green Through Framing

Bruce and Laureen Walkthrough

Laureen's Green Assessment

Roofing Our Green Home

Department of Energy's Rashkin Returns

Exterior Insulation

Window Installation & Performance

Window Installation: A Closer Look

Exterior Trim for Beauty, Function

Masonry Overview

Exterior Stone Work

Gutter Installation

LEED Review with Bruce & Laureen

Decking Installation

Green Building Review

Water Management & Collection System

Heating & Cooling System

Electrical Conduit Installation

Gutter Installation

Radiant Floor Panel System

Fire Sprinkler System

Sustainable Forestry Practices

Air Sealing

Interior Insulation


Drywall Vinyl Beads

Drywall Completion

U.S. DOE's Sam Rashkin

Versetta Stone Fireplace

Room Energy Efficiency

Trim, Doors, Stairs

Intermediate Energy Rating

Interior Painting

Construction Material Recycling

Home Automation Systems

Floor Tile Manufacturing

Tile Installation

Bathroom Shower Install

Bathroom Floor Tile

Bathroom Wall Tile

Cabinet Installation

Countertop Installation

Plumbing Fixtures & Technology

Plant Selection

Softscape Layout

Landscape Design

Hardscape Layout

Retaining Wall and Lot Grading

Irrigation System

Check back periodically for new video shorts

Planning & Foundation Review

Basement Flooring Review

Framing Review

Exterior Surface Review

Air Sealing Review

Drywall Review

Masonry Review

Home buyer / Home Owner Tips

Electrical Vehicle Charger

Central Vacuum

Green Performance Review

Green Home Realty

Architect's Final Word

DOE's Sam Rashkin Gives Final Review

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