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Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters has created a new program to make your home more energy efficient and save you money.

The goal for Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters' certified energy analysts (CEAs) who are conducting energy audits is to take a drafty, inefficient home and make it one that is safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Improvements are recommended only after a home energy assessment is completed. The report presented to the homeowner outlines the specific home improvements that are recommended to improve and address comfort issues and reduce the overall energy use of the house.


Certified contractors implement improvements, which include air-sealing the building envelope, sealing leaky ductwork, installing wall and attic insulation and improving the overall thermal boundary of the home. The home energy upgrade is completed following Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards and building science principles. These are taught by the Carpenter Training Center's instructors who are certified proctors for all of the tests that the workers involved in this line of work are required to undergo. Homeowners also receive documentation of the energy audit and completed upgrades. The contractor will verify all implementations via a "test-out" procedure that provides data on the home's improved performance.


Schedule your CEA home energy assessment today. Click the link to the right and select a certified contractor in your area.

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