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The Green Home Design Team

Historic Lemont, IL, selected as Green Home location

Host Amy McWhirter on location as site work begins

Excavation Begins

Hole is dug and crew prepares for the footings

Concrete with fly ash is poured for the footings

On location for foundation prep

Foundation walls are poured

Foundation is complete and backfill begins

Rebar is put in place; concrete is poured and blanketed to set

Construction site safety fence in place; Signs are up

Insulating the basement

Installing hydronic floor heating system

Concrete with fly ash is poured for the basement

Lumber and steel are delivered for basement framing

Floor trusses arrive and are set in place

Installing hydronic floor heating system

Loft and roof trusses arrive and are secured

Framing continues

Plumbing and ductwork installation begins

Green Home soffit preparation

Sam Rashkin, U.S. Dept. of Energy, visits the site

Foam insulation is applied for thermal performance

Window preparation and installation

Getting started on the deck

Trim installation adds durability and beauty

Adding brick and complementary stone

Eco-friendly sun-reflecting shingles affixed to the roof

Carpenters install the fascia board and deck ceiling

Brick and stone pop with beauty after washing

Ductwork and air-handling units installed

U.S. DOE's Sam Rashkin checks progress, films segment

Detailed framing sets stage for aesthetic finishes

Installation of green decking continues

Completion of deck's staircase adds form and function

Forming, pouring and finishing the concrete driveway

Panels for radiant heat are installed

Tubing is installed within the Climate Panel System

Insulation of sprinkler piping and water lines

Interior staircase and detailed trim work

Beauty and comfort of new bamboo flooring

Retaining walls, planters, pavers and flyash cement

U.S. Dept. of Energy's Rashkin takes final assessment

Exquisite exterior

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